Renewable Energy & Solar Water Heating

Saving the environment and reducing your costs

The average household uses 70% of its energy on space and water heating, so naturally a free source of hot water to use can dramatically reduce your commercial energy bills. Solar Water Heating is the renewable technology that most UK households are choosing today as it offers a faster payback (7-15 years for an average household) on your initial investment than rival technologies.

We are accredited installers of Worcester Bosch’s exciting new way to provide you with total hot water comfort. Greenskies solar panels operate on the principle of light absorption and are not dependant on high temperature or unbroken sunshine.

· Efficient panels with 95% absorption rate

· Selective coating on panels – increases collector performance, even on cloudy days

· Installation solutions for on-roof, roof integration, flat roof and wall mounted at 45°

· Portrait and landscape panels

· Simple to use controller

· Solar safety glass

· Robust panel design

· Easy to fit

· CE mark

· Solar keymark (European quality mark)

If you would like to see our own Worcester Bosch solar panels working, I have them fitted at my own home and I would be pleased to show you how they work.

For further information please visit Worcester Bosch Group’s website.